Data Collection Service

Right data play a key role in upliftment of any business with the help of which you can take right decision. We believe that the quality of data is one of the most critical factors in the success of a project. Our data collection services assist clients in obtaining the required data from carefully scrutinized sources. We ensure that the quality of the data is maintained.
Facing rapid social, technological and economic change, the traditional Market Research industry has adopted new tools and strategies to reposition itself in a more flexible, consultative and cost effective space. Telephonic surveys have made it possible for people to participate in surveys in real time. The answers captured using the CATI methodology are spontaneous and genuine which adds to the credibility of the data collected.
Adept Research aims to redefine this traditional Market Research approach using the CATI, CAWI or Phone-to-Web Methodology to increase participation and minimize data quality concerns by recruiting the respondents over the phone and ensuring that the qualified respondents participate online.

We follow the following steps while conducting CATI/CAWI studies:

  • Understand objective around which the study revolves.
  • Understanding the Questionnaire and developing a strategy to reach out to the target effectively.
  • Devising a feasible plan of action, evaluating timelines and commence fieldwork according to plan.
  • Appointing a dedicated project manager and point of contact with whom client can communicate in a smooth manner.
  • Internal Quality checks on a daily basis to remove kinks if any and ensure quality Data Collection.
  • Providing timely status updates and reports to provide an overview of the fieldwork on a daily basis.
  • Final scrutiny of data by Quality Team.
  • Delivery of Data.

We have a highly experienced research professional who can conduct all types of data collection methods mentioned underneath -

  • CATI
  • F2F Interviews
  • In-depth Interviews
  • CAWI
  • Focus Group Discussion
  • Recruitment/Appointment Setting

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