Quantitative and Qualitative Research

We can meet your need for deeper insight into various behaviors and decision processes through in depth interviewing techniques. We can also assist with the preparation of discussion guides for these interviews. Our research team uses innovative techniques during interviewing to probe deeply held motivations, attitudes and beliefs that often play a major role in market choices than the rational explanations provided by the respondents. We offer all types of Quantitative and Qualitative Research mentioned underneath:-

In-Depth Interview

In-Depth Interviewing is a qualitative research technique that involves conducting intensive individual interviews by our Moderators with a small number of respondents to explore their perspectives on a particular idea, program, or situation. These in-depth interviews offer the opportunity to capture rich, descriptive data about people’s behaviors, attitudes and perceptions, and unfolding complex processes. They can be used as a standalone research method or as part of a multi method design, depending on the needs of the research. The moderator ensures conversation with the respondents by means of a thoroughly designed discussion guide comprising of open-ended questions. IDIs provide preliminary information that can be further analyzed and used for developing survey(s) for quantitative approach.


Focused Group Discussion

Facilitated by a trained moderator, focused group is usually an interaction with few people. The discussion is about a certain product or service. The key to this qualitative technique is the open dialog and dynamic interaction among the participants. It usually used to happen when people used to happen when all the participants gather at a particular place and then the product or service used to be presented to the group but now the concept is getting modified and the discussion sometimes happen electronically also with the help of internet i.e through zoom meeting or any other platform where all participants join that meeting and the moderator takes the discussion forward. As a result, people from different geographies can participate at the same time.

Telephonic Depth Interview

Telephone Depth Interviews or TDI’s follow the exact pattern of an in-depth interview. It is a one-on-one discussion between a respondent and an interviewer, conducted over the phone instead of in-person. At times, highly selective participants, could be hard to reach or to initiate a discussion about complex topics; this is where Telephonic Depth Interviews come into play. Prior permission and consent of the respondent to record interviews is taken.


Face to Face Interview

Face-to-Face interview is a data collection method when the interviewer directly communicates with the respondent in accordance with the prepared questionnaire. Thus, face-to-face interview method ensures the quality of the obtained data and increases the response rate.

e have a highly experienced research professional who can conduct all types of data collection methods mentioned underneath -

  • CATI
  • F2F Interviews
  • In-depth Interviews
  • CAWI
  • Focus Group Discussion
  • Recruitment/Appointment Setting